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Excellent service and exceptional quality delivered to your door, fresh. 

Wild Acres Processing, Inc. began in 1978 and has been specializing in outdoor-raised domestic poultry and wild game birds ever since. The company is now operated by second-generation owner Pat Ebnet and family. Pat and his staff are devoted to every batch of chickens, ducks, pheasants and turkey they raise. 


The farm is set up so that as the bird grows, it “phases” to a different part of the facility making sure to give the bird ample room to roam. Each building has computerized temperature control to maintain the correct comfort zone and the hatchery room has an incubator that keep eggs rotating as they would in a nest, therefore producing healthier chicks. In addition to many technical advancements, the staff at Wild Acres constantly monitors the birds to ensure proper feeding, weight and overall health. Wild Acres also strives to be as “green” as possible by composting on-site, using feed from only local markets and utilizing reusable containers for all transporting of poultry.


To sum it up, Wild Acres knows how to raise a good bird. But that is just the beginning! Hand selected birds of ideal weight are processed every week. It just doesn’t get any fresher than that. Upon request, Wild Acres also offers poultry that is brined and smoked to perfection.

Order Wild Acres poultry today and start providing your customers with local, farm to table freshness.


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