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Fine dining is meant to be an experience. An experience of excellent service, exquisite ambiance and most of all, exceptional cuisine. This type of quality doesn’t just happen, it is bred, hatched, raised, processed and distributed fresh. That is exactly what Wild Acres Processing, Inc. is all about. Wild Acres Processing, Inc. began in 1978 and has been specializing in outdoor-raised domestic poultry and wild game birds ever since. The company is now operated by second-generation owner Pat Ebnet and family. Wild Acres supplies poultry to many of the top restaurants in the Twin Cities area and some consider it to be the best poultry in the state.


Every week, Pat himself, stocks the refrigerators of fine Twin Cities restaurants with poultry that was processed less than 24 hours prior. It doesn't get any fresher than that. If you're ready to start serving the best farm-fresh poultry in Minnesota, its time to contact Wild Acres.


Wild Acres Farm Fresh Wholesale Products

Farm Fresh Chicken

There is a reason that these chickens can be called one of the best in the state! These birds are raised from the egg up on the Wild Acres farm.  They are fed a balanced diet in addition to having room to roam.  The birds are monitored constantly for health and growth and moved to larger areas accordingly.  Wild Acres offers their farm fresh chickens in a variety of sizes including: Young Hen (1 to 1 ¼ pounds); Medium Hen (2 to 3 pounds); Large Hen (3 ½ to 4 ½ pounds). Chicken feet are also available upon request.

Farm Fresh Pekin Duck

You won’t find a more fresh or delicious duck than the Wild Acres Pekin Duck. The ducks at Wild Acres, just like all of their other poultry, have the run of the place. They are kept in outdoor and indoor areas (depending on weather). Wild Acres ducks are raised to a solid 4 to 5 pounds and have a variety of products available in addition to the whole duck including eggs, breasts, wings, legs, feet and fat.

Farm Fresh Turkey

Turkey is a staple of Thanksgiving, that is no secret.  But with the unbelievably fresh and tasty bird that Wild Acres raises, you will want to serve it more than once a year!  Turkey breasts drumsticks, bones and ground turkey are also available year round from Wild Acres.

Farm Fresh Pheasant

Wild Acres produces the same great quality birds in the outdoor areas as they do in the indoor.  Pheasants live in huge canopy pens on the Wild Acres farm. They live similarly to the wild, but still get the same great care from Wild Acres staff.  The pheasants are a seasonal product and are available in two sizes, Rooster (2-2 ½ pounds) and Hen (1 ¾-2 ¼ pounds).

Farm Fresh Semi-Boneless Quail

Quail is the only bird that isn’t raised at the Wild Acres farm but the quality is still guaranteed.  These small birds are only 4 ounces per piece and will be sold four to a pack with wire included.

All products are available smoked! Please call to find out more!

To receive pricing or order any of these exceptional products from Wild Acres, call Pat at 218-820-1257 or email

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